Sorry for the delay, RL has being rather hectic this past month and has made getting posts out rather difficult.

So to start..

New Releases

There has been quite a few new products since my last post, so ordered by store..

Marines Goodies
- Cloak of the Initiate - A fancy cloak with lots of settings, some RLV, and compatible with most bondage poses included in RR restraints, to help you go out in public all trussed up with no one around you the wiser! Should fit most bodies without issue.

Get it from any of the Marine's Goodies vendors in-world for 600 linden!

Restrained Freedom

- Prayer Jacket - What appears to be a jacket using the subsuits mesh as a base, forcing the arms into a tight reverse prayer position! Otherwise standard RF fare, single pose. WARNING: Is not made for maitreya or any other mesh bodies, and will possibly have issues fitting them. No Demo exists either. (bad practise!)

Buyable online or in-world - 375 linden

- KDC Warden jacket converter - A kit that replaces the scripts in your KDC jacket to be compatible with the RF multicuffs. Costs 200 linden, at the above locations.

Kyrah Design Concept

- Ayumi Boots - The ballet boots I first posted about awhile back are out! Have been for awhile, apologies for not mentioning them sooner! They appear to fit maitreya, the base SL body and Avatar 2.0, and there is a demo for those that want to test first (sensible!)

Buyable online or in-world - 699 linden

New Gate Workshop

- Gimp Hood - A fancy hood of smooth latex with one defining feature, a mouth! Quite an interesting look. Its mod, so if you like it and dislike the base scripts, it is possible to put others in. WARNING: The pictures with the blue background used to advertise NGW products are NOT in world, they are taken from blender and as such might not be accurate to how they will look in secondlife itself. (bad practise there, very bad! That's why I'm not putting it on this post.)

Buyable online for 520 linden, or in-world for 490



RLV was updated to! Mostly bug fixes, it also changes the location of the cache to its own dedicated RLV one as opposed to sharing the base secondlife one.

Real Restraint

- Gag update - More fixes for the 1.30 gags, as well as a new silent feature to allow the gags to be worn with gags/garblers from other stores. It also fixed the openmouth plugin to be no copy instead of no transfer (which is why the gags need to be rezzed on the ground)

The deluxe gag had a bug with chin strap that required a fix. This requires the gag to be rezzed on the ground to fix, while the two overhauled gags (ball and ring) had an issue communicating with the Happy Spanker product.

IMPORTANT: These hotfixes are available at Dark Wishes only! Get the update sphere from the orb,  rez it on the ground, rez your gag on the ground next to it (turn on show hidden as well, ctrl+alt+t), go into your gags menu as always and hit update. No need to replace.

Well, no need to replace unless we include the deluxe bridle into the equation. At that point you rather have to replace, or take the script Marine included in the update folder and place it in the chin strap of said bridle in place of the one already there. Down to you if you prefer swapping or resizing!

Maison De La Marquise

- Update to all clothing products - The bodysuits and catsuits got a new neck piece that better fits Lelutka bento heads! The glove/stocking sets got new boots to better swap between opaque and transparent modes.

Kyrah Design Concept

- Bento updates - Exactly what it sounds like! The stuffed ballgag and all ponyplay pieces now use bento animations, providing you have a compatible head.


Kyrah Design Concept

- Muzzle - A new product from KDC is in the works! It appears to be a dog muzzle with a latticework design, and could be quite fun for petplay users. KDC stuff tends to be mod, so it should also be resizable to fit over snouts and other such petplay gear.

Seen something missing from this post, be it upcoming products, updates or new releases? Let me know! 

Artist Spotlight 

The Spotlight this time is.. PogueInPink, Lana! Pogue is Lanas slave, and is averse to pink, hence the username, for those confused. Lana is also mostly a sub in her own right, so don't go chasing her expecting a domme, you won't find one!

Lana tends to focus on high quality pictures, and runs a group on DA - SL-bondage-art - That specifically caters to this. No low quality, badly lit heavily aliased pics allowed here, only quality, and it pays off with some delicious pieces.

Lanas art itself uses minimal editing beyond cropping or combining. The image included here is Lana herself as all four dolls! In fact shes so averse to editing that she actually made static chains in SL as she found that easier than editing some in via postwork.

Check out her other word over at her Deviantart Gallery!

ROMP fetish fair!

I'm a little late reporting this one! Right now, the ROMP Elegant Kink fair is on! Quite a lot of toys and outfits up for sale from a large variety of stores!

Check it out over Here!

RR Vixen Cuffset major update!

Probably one of the most popular cuffsets in SL by this point, you see them all over, which is impressive given that until now they were still sculptie and could be a nightmare to fit!

Well, that's not a problem anymore. Today, marine released an update to the cuffset and overhauled them into lovely meshy goodness! Each collar (simple, classy, post med and post high) are now one mesh object each, meaning resizing is a cinch, no needing to struggle to select every tiny little rivet and piece one by one.

But Marine is never one to just stop there. The cuffs now support materials textures, and go beyond leather, so you'll find the items themselves no longer have leather in the name, instead all now have vixen, which makes searching for them in the inventory much faster.

So now you can turn them into all sorts of things! Leather, latex, rubber, clear plastic, and more. There's also an experiment in there to adjust the materials shine colour to not just be white on everything and instead try for a more natural look. Marine is watching for feedback on this change, and will revert it if its disliked, or add it to other restraints if its received well, so make sure to experiment! Alongside this is also the option to use certain 'patterns' of sorts, which include dirty, which emphasises the shadows and makes the cuffs look a bit mucky, clean, which has shadows, plain which has none and the option to add writing.

Don't worry if you don't have materials though, there's options for baked textures in there still as well.

It also includes the upcoming 1.30 update, which has a variety of nice changes. In regards to the cuffs, some leash changes have been added that will be very useful. First and foremost, suspension is now possible without bouncing up and down like a yo yo on steroids! Also in regards to the leash, if you TP more than 96 meters away from your captive while in the same sim, they will no longer comically rocket through the air towards you, possibly getting trapped on the outside of skyboxes or on walls.

For the arms, they got several more poses for the hands back lock for use via the anim plugin or hud, always nice to have more options. The legs got some adjustments to the hogtie, using poses from the siren ropes, as well as an additional option, so we can now be hogtied with the spreader bar, simply hogtied, or put into the super tight hogtie as well. More options! For the collar, its now on the neck by default.

You can grab the update from any of the below locations

Marines Little Shop
Chorazin's Shop
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

And can get more info on the update and other stuff at Marines blog Here! 

In Other news

Events continue over at Estate Obscure, with the following (quoted!) coming this week
May 13th ~ Lady Sin aka Dr Philis! :) The Doctor will see you NOW! She's wise and endearing and she knows a thing or twenty about *coughs* blonde handfuls! She speaks the language of kink all Oxford dictionary in da streets and Urban Dictionary in the sheets :) , what you may not know is, EO used to have wonderful discussions with a Male Dom named Kwatsu, he taught and shared what is called "Sourcing" D/s can be very Spiritual! So Lady Sin will be Conjunction Junction, doin a discussion, I'll get more details, but maybe this opens the door to more discussions, be it kinky or deeper topics, wanna get involved , be a Teacher. share your experience, wisdom, pay it forward! Let's do it together, this is gonna be a great talk, trust me, Lady Sin is talented and really great at scolding and spanking! I know, so come and enjoy what I hope is the 1st of many great talks a comin.
If you're looking for something to do this Saturday, check it out over Here!

Restrained Freedom continues to be updated and built at its new location, with more stuff added seemingly every day, so that's worth checking out. the Asylum was looking pretty good last time I took a peek. You can find them in world Here

The new boots being worked on by Kyrah are coming along nicely, and have had some inworld tests, which you might have seen if you happened to be in Delust recently. As always you can find her store in world at Dead Realm or on her marketplace.

Artist Spotlight - Danna Pearl

This weeks spotlight is on the nommable Danna Pearl!

Danna has a gallery over on DA, where you'll find a variety of kinky pictures, animations and more. Her pictures nearly always have descriptions that really add to the image, giving her thoughts on it, the feelings that might have been felt at the time, and more. Well worth reading and thinking about!

However that's not all, she also has her own little store on the marketplace where you can buy something called Sublisten, a hud that works very well for petplay. It affects what the person can hear in local chat, as well as lets them learn words, as well as has a predefined list which comes as standard. The owner can affect the difficulty of learning, the word list and how much the sub can actually have learned at any one time as well!

See her at deviantart Here!
Check otu SubListen Here!

Image sources:
Cuff images taken from Marines blog. 
Sublisten HUD image taken from Dannas store.  
All other images taken by me using the updated cuffset.

Upcoming events at Estate Obscure

Not as much news passing my desk as I had hoped, but the lovely Pet, who probably needs a good spanking right now passed this along to me earlier! Below is a schedule of upcoming events over at Estate Obscure.

Note: this is copy and pasted from a notecard given to me in world and is not my own writing, nor should be taken as such.Some minor editing is all I contributed.

"May 6th, at 1pm slt ~ The Pink "fuckin" Vampire!  There's a lot of live performers in SL, amazing voices, and then there's Pink Vampire, trust me, she's Marylin Monroe meets naughty! The real Marylin, died from a drugged enema, the Pink Vampire will capture your heart with her sultry, sweet voice. "Smitten & bitten" Trust me, you do not wanna miss this, bring someone you love, a friend, Family and just enjoy.

May 13th ~ Lady Sin aka Dr Philis! :) The Doctor will see you NOW! She's wise and endearing and she knows a thing or twenty about *coughs* blonde handfuls! She speaks the language of kink all Oxford dictionary in da streets and Urban Dictionary in the sheets :) , what you may not know is, EO used to have wonderful discussions with a Male Dom named Kwatsu, he taught and shared what is called "Sourcing" D/s can be very Spiritual! So Lady Sin will be Conjunction Junction, doin a discussion, I'll get more details, but maybe this opens the door to more discussions, be it kinky or deeper topics, wanna get involved , be a Teacher. share your experience, wisdom, pay it forward! Let's do it together, this is gonna be a great talk, trust me, Lady Sin is talented and really great at scolding and spanking! I know, so come and enjoy what I hope is the 1st of many great talks a comin.

Game Night ~   May 20th "Cards against humanity"  This is a rather dainty game, in a gasoline panties wearing xxxpressway do not pass go, collect punishment as you go down, for a Sunday walk in the park NOT! This is where we find out who's sick... Like an Asteroid collision course of kink landing on a Nun... It's a freaky game. It's okay... Cause the person next to you, is probable sicker and freakier then you :)  Now, come and cleanse yur brain, and let's bleach brains and bleach eyeballs!  on a sidenote, also my purrrrfect 10 rezzzzz day! spank me if ya dare.

  May 27th!  Summer is coming, it's getting so HOT! we gotta call out your DJ Lady Sin , She'll whip the music, She'll get the glory! WHOLE lotta shakin going on, She goes down, get's down , bring some friends, bring some Family :)

  Any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions? IM or notecard them to me please Pet (diaperedpet.jewell) ...I do hope you read this, let me know if you did!!

                    Petalpuss ~~ "

So yeah, every saturday for the resy of the month theres something going on over at Estate Obscure. Check it out if you're free, or hell if you're trussed up tight, you can still hop over there I'm sure.

Highlights - 19/04/2017

I've not yet decided how frequently I'll do these, but here's the next post!

Restrained Freedom moves to a new sim

RF, run by Katie Paine, has now moved to a new sim. This of course means your old landmarks won't

work anymore, but I've linked to the location below for those that need to grab it! Otherwise, you can always find it in search, from the group notice for a limited time, or from the support group.

The new sim should be far less laggy, and a different build. Its still under construction, but some areas are functional, and the asylum, a highlight of the old location, is under construction with a new building and layout.

RFs new location 

NGW releases

Naraya, owner of New Gate Workshop, recently put out a new posture collar, as well as a pair of 'gloves.' These gloves are a tad unusual, more like mittens, long mittens, with rather a wide ring the sub is forced to hold, for the enjoyment of those of the male persuasion, while the other option has the hand in a tight fist with a nice, large toy of an intimate nature for those that like the idea of been niiiiice and full.

To my knowledge, the NGW collar functions as you'd expect, and includes the options to hold the head stiffly. It has the NGW HUD, inspired by the one used by KaS, for recolouring and altering its appearance, but otherwise I believe uses Opencollar scripts, or derivatives of them. They're functional, but the selling point here is clearly the design. Naraya makes very nice looking gear!

Visit her store here

RR Gag Hotfixes

There was a couple bugs with the 1.30 update to the gags released last week. These updates affect all bar the hood. The mummy and tape had a visual issue when using total, and require you to rather edit the names of them (details here - https://realrestraint.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/another-hotfix-for-rr-mummy-and-tape.html ) or request a replacement from any of Marines updaters.

The other update affects the openmouth plugin. You can do a soft update for these (just clicking update, not replace) currently only at the Dark Wishes updater. Alternatively, you can go to your debug settings and locate "RevokePermsOnStopAnimations." This bug was caused by the gags only asking for permission to animate once, and would require a reset to animate again. Updating the gag is a good idea, but the debug option can be buggy and might be worth disabling anyway.

Get the updates at the following location
My Little Shop
Chorazin's Shop
Roper's Dark Playground
Dark Wishes

Artist Spotlight - Shay Finchy

Shay Finchy posts to a gallery over on Deviantart. Her updates are not too frequent, but tend to of high quality, making good use of lighting and effects. And yes, I quite often appear in her gallery, so this is a bit of a personal plug as well!

In her gallery you'll find primarily latex and bondage, as well as lots of mummification. The bondage is usually quite strict or all encompassing, and often with some context given to the image in its description. She does minimal editing, if any as well, so the majority are raws straight from secondlife.

She also contributed the pictures used for the RF section of this post!

Visit her here and leave her some comments and feedback!

See something wrong or incorrect, or just want to let me know about an event, release or something else, then contact me in world!

Picture sources -
RFs new sim in SL, taken by Shay Finchy
NGWs adverts on their marketplace store
"Big" Ring gag from Marines blog
Tunnel Wraps by Shay Finchy

BDSM Highlights - 12/04/2017

Yes! The blogs still getting a lot of views, so why leave them with nothing new? So as of today we are beginning something new - a news roundup of sorts. What all will be in these posts? Well, new releases, updates to RLV and products, spotlights, and all sorts of other stuff!

And so onto the news!

RR Gags updated for Bento!

Today, Marine Kelley updated all the RR gags to support bento heads! This is more than just a simple mouth opening though. Each lock of her gags has custom animations, and her old Ball gag and Ring

gag? They have been completely remade in mesh, with new settings. Want an apple sized ball gag? That exists now! It also adds bit gag and the ability to shove a nice far, extra large dildo in yours or others mouths.

It does require some setup through a plugin. To summarise, you need to select your head from the plugins menu, and whether you want wide, normal or narrow.  There's a lot more to it than that of course, best read about over on Marines post about it - https://realrestraint.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/update-to-rr-gags.html

 This update applies to the ball gag, ring gag, deluxe gag, isolation hood, mummy gag and tape gag. All require replacements, so I'm afraid you'll need to do some refitting.

I highly recommend getting this update, especially if you own a bento head! The bento animations are delicious, and the new ball and ring sizes, and now mesh, add a ton of value to those older gags! Gogo, update and nom those gags!

Visit here to purchase and update - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pak/76/61/105

Restrained Freedom Sock Legbinder

Another in Katies recent sock bondage line. Designed to match the gag and sock armbinder she released previously. Like Katies other leg bondage items, it has a variety of poses, as well as the ability to fall down if you hop around too much.

I've not personally used any of the sock products, so I can't attest to their quality, but if you have them and wanted more, here you go! Its not fitted to a particular body, so your milage may vary based on whetehr you use the base body or a mesh one.

You can get it in world at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xoliantha/55/192/501
At this time, its not on the RF marketplace, but here is the link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21713

Note that RF is moving to a new sim soon!

KDC boot update  

Over on Kyrahs blog - http://kdc.ethernia.net/ - we have been getting regular updates on her new product, a pair of thigh length boots! As of now, we know these will support the base SL avatar and Avatar 2.0, though hopefully they will still fit other mesh bodies as well.

The boots themselves look interesting, with a fancy quilted design. Definitely worth keeping an eye on if you're a fan of her work!

Read more at: http://kdc.ethernia.net/
Purchase KDC gear in world at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/dead%20realm/128/128/603
Or on the marketplace at: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/235

This section is still in the teething stage.. but todays Spotlight will be on a club - Delust!

This is a club dedicated to fetish, right down to its dress code. Casual wear won't pass here, its gotta
be full on fetish! Heavy rubber, leather, bondage.. You name it. But a warning, this code is strictly enforced. break it, and you are out!

And why would you want to break it? The club has a good atmosphere, and generally does have people talking. If its silent, don't hesitate to start chatting away, someone will join in!  Get all dressed up nice and fetishy, and spend some time in lovely company.

The club itself is quite classy, well laid out, with dance tables, a table for greedy, side rooms and a basement for a little more privacy and plenty of cages and bondage equipment to help control squirmy submissives!

In Nicoles, the owners, words, she follows no particular style, as that would restrict her too much. She was however inspired by art deco, noveau, jugend and burlesque, to help give the club its own feel.

Visit the club in world at:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pfeiffer/16/95/1197 

If you have any events, know of any products been released or updated, or anything else you think should be included, send me the details in world!

Pictures from Marines blog, RFs store, Kyrahs blog and some original taken by me. 

Final Post

So, this probably comes as no surprise, but there won't be any more updates here in future.

The intent of this blog was always to inform people of what a restraint could old, and if I felt it was well designed. I also wanted to get into communication with the creators/developers, be involved, etc.

Instead it did the opposite, making a wall between them and I, to the point certain creators started to majorly dislike me, even those I was already friends with. My attempts to stay unbiased only made that wall larger. I'm also more than a little fed up with the unpleasant messages sent my way in SL or on DA.

That's not to say its all been gloom, I've had fun writing, and apparently a lot of people liked it. Its just a shame they rarely spoke up unless I ran into them, and only the less than pleasant people bothered to give me any feedback. Messing with restraints was always fun, though self bondage was never my thing, it was good to really dig into them and find out what made them tick.

Naturally I'm not deleting this, my (badly typo'd) reviews will stay up, though no new ones will appear.

Hope you all enjoyed the reviews while they lasted.



Sorry for the delay, RL has being rather hectic this past month and has made getting posts out rather difficult. So to start.. New Relea...