RR Body Harness


 So we have a new harness here, from Marine. A classic design, intended to be snug, shape defining, and a handy addition for holding parts of your body in check.

 This one uses Both rigged and unrigged mesh, with the rigged straps using the new fittedmesh system, which makes them form to your shape even more than rigged mesh already did. It also has materials in use, so make sure to have advanced lighting on.

 It is VERY customisable. Each strap can be its own individual colour, of which the harness contains many presets and tints to choose from. You can freely choose which part of the strap as well, be it just the fastener, the trim, or the entire strap. Heavy multi colour is an option.

 It also has a lot of patterns to choose form, ranging from the simple leather, to leopard print, to commands been stitched into to make it a dominant option as well, such as "obey". Submissive options exist as well of course, such as "Owned" and of course "Slave".

 Two sections are rigged, the crotchstrap and the belly/lowerback. Annoyingly for me at least, the belly/lowerback one is slightly too far forwards, so my back clips, and theres a noticable gap from the side between the strap and my stomach.. The rest are unrigged, which is both good and bad. The good? It allows you to adjust for say, Lolas tangos, or unusual shapes and accessories. The bad? Unrigged will never flow with the body as well, and I noticed that while it fits perfectly on the posestand, it doesn't like quite a few animations in my AO.

 Ultimately its a very adjustable piece, with tons of different ways it could be used. Breast harness, chastity strap, etc.

  It also includes two toys of an intimate nature that are quite.. large, and can also be recoloured freely. Some of the options are also animated in quite an.. over the top way.


 Standard RR here. Lock as the first option, with Last Plug to follow, which opens the last plugin menu you were in. Take/leave Keys comes after that, with Tools.. on the next row down. In here you have the usual options, including a male setting, the ever handy verbose, etc. Plugins follows this, with 6 plugins within.

 Those plugins are Leash, Marines Realkey system for overwriting the lock, Rl time, that makes the timelock go by what the real time is, not hours logged into SL. Autolock is next, which allows you to have the restraint lock in future,  with specific restrictions and options in place. Give keys follows, and doesn't need explained, and finally is HarnessTex, which lets you adjust the appearance.

 Back on the main menu, we finish up with More.. where you will find the usual RR options again, specifically the options to shut off the cheating alarm, and hide the timer. The other options are already on the main menu.

 The toys have their own menu, with the majority of the options related to how they act, with how much speed. Could be quite evil


 I quite like it, and the price is quite fair. It has very little up-to-date competition right now, though its primary one is major. The price is quite fair, and the customisation is *excellent*. Plenty of options to make it match a hell of a lot of outfits and ideas. The toys seem a little over the top at times, but still could be fun if used at the right time.

 Also, Marine *really* needs to invest in a customisation HUD. When we have this many options, a HUD is just far, far more convient and effiecient to use.

 Aside from the belly/lower back strap issue, I'd say it would be a pretty good buy all in all. 450 linden for this harness.

S & S
  • Good Variety of features
  • Quality is what they would expect
  • Not a must buy, but is nice, classic and very customisable.
  • Doesn't distinguish itself well outside of its customisation

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  1. A TG friend of mine suggested that there should be a TG version of this great harness. So i forwarded the suggestion to Marine, without including her if and buts and more technical reasons why there aren't one the bottom line from her was "if enough people make the request i might do a TG version"

    So if you are/play a TG in SL and want this... you know what to do now :)



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